Mark Bidwell, the executive who built out a $2bn business
inside a corporation is sharing his intrapreneurship insights

Hello, my name is Mark Bidwell and I want to share with you the lessons I've learned and resources I've used in 20+ years in the trenches and boardrooms of multinationals about how to:

  • Unleash the inner intrapreneur in you and your team
  • Discover and capture untapped market opportunities
  • Create and sustain change, despite the odds

Meet Mark

I never set out to become a senior executive in a major international corporation. In fact, it’s been more of an unexpected journey – I’m an anthropology graduate whose first job out of university was with a London-based food delivery startup.

But like any good anthropologist, I am at heart curious about human nature, so my journey has been guided by a desire to learn, to test out new ideas, to take risks both professionally and personally, and to take full advantage of the experiences and perspectives of others.

My executive days

These traits have served me well – and over time, I found myself in different intrapreneurial roles, helping my team and organisation to create an entrepreneurial culture, become more innovative, and better able to respond to change

I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of, and to lead, high performing teams, to explore and uncover new market opportunities, and to sustain the organisational changes needed to deliver growth in mature businesses and industries. I have worked at BP (NYSE:BP), The Hay Group (now part of Korn Ferry NYSE:KFY), and most recently Syngenta (NYSE:SYT), where I led the creation and development of a $2bn Specialty Crops business unit.

These days

Today, I am sharing these resources and experiences with different organisations and businesses around the world. These include:

BC Platforms, a Swiss-based bioinformatics software company, a company I invested in and where I was until recently Chairman.

Terramera, a Vancouver-based Ag-Bio startup, where I am Board Member and adviser

Innovation Ecosystem, a podcast series on change, leadership and innovation, which I have co-founded.